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First of all I have a personal interest in every transaction because My Neighbors Are My Clients!


  • I believe in going above and beyond to complete your transaction correctly, thoroughly and on time.


  • I believe in listening to your needs. Buying a home is a huge, legal undertaking. I am your Caretaker, Matchmaker and Advocate. I love to find a home that "feels" like my client and make the connection.


  • I believe in knowing what's out there. Knowledge of inventory is very important, not every listing is in one Multiple Listing Service so I access every resource I have as well as drive the neighborhood. There may be a pocket listing or For Sale By Owner perfect for my buyers. I take advantage of our local Brokers Caravan every Thursday as well as Caravans in the Greater Los Angeles Area.


  • I believe in technology. If you list your home with me I will have your home uploaded into many Multiple Listing Services. I will have at least 10 photos of your home online. If you’ve looked at listings on your own to do research I’m sure you have experienced frustration at listings with no or few photos. Not to mention those that have incomplete information.


  • I believe in being present for you. I will have extensive knowledge of your home and I will be the one holding it open myself as much as possible to maximize exposure.


  • I believe in communication. If you list your home with me, you need to feel comfortable talking to me about any of your concerns. That way we can conquer any confusion and keep everyone informed. We’ll agree on the way you feel most comfortable being updated and contacted regarding your transaction so that you are aware of the process every step of the way.


  • I believe in networking. Not only within my office but also with other Realtors®. This way we are all working for you and I can notify my contacts when your home comes on the market and we’ll have agents bringing their buyers to your home within the first week!


  • I believe in advertising. Online, the mail, networking, the newspapers and other outlets have proven to be very successful when done right. Exposure is very important, especially in the beginning. When we sit down I will give you the specifics of my marketing plan and how I will sell your home for the most money, in the least amount of time with the least hassle.


  • I believe in being Fair. One of the great aspects of being a Realtor® is being bound to high standards and impeccable ethics.

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