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About KW

Why did I choose Keller Williams?

As you know there are many Real Estate companies out there and they are all different. A few characteristics that attracted me to Keller Williams are their commitment to education, impeccable office support, strong mentoring, team building and family atmosphere.



 I chose Keller Williams because of the continuing education they offer their agents. Every office has ongoing classes that keep their Realtors updated on everything going on in the market from strong negotiating techniques to how to run the most effective open houses. I take advantage of every opportunity I can to learn more about the market shifts, trends and contract changes. We have Keller Williams University accessible via the web 24/7 that is full of information and tools that allow us to serve our clients with the utmost competence, professionalism and service.

We are empowered to guide you through the process with knowledge and care.

Office Support

Everyone at Keller Williams Pasadena works hard to keep our transactions running smoothly. From Noel at the front desk to our transaction coordinator, office administrator and in house design company Out of The Box Creations, I have a team of bright, accomplished people that are beyond professional. All of your needs will be handled with care, integrity by knowledgeable full time professionals.

Strong Mentoring

 Keller Williams believes in fostering a family atmosphere built on cooperation. My mentor has been in the business over 30 years and sold me my first house 3 years ago.  My experience with her as a buyer was so pleasurable that I decided I would be very fulfilled if I could offer the same service to others! Not only do you get my enthusiasm, expertise and integrity but you also benefit from someone who has seen every market trend in the last 30 years and is very well respected by her peers. One of the reasons I joined Keller Williams was on her recommendation. After working for other companies she advised me that Keller Williams is unparallel in education, environment and professionalism.

Family Atmosphere


A successful husband and wife team that have been in Real Estate many years own Keller Williams Pasadena. The Keller Williams Mission Statement is to “To build careers worth having, businesses worth owning and lives worth living.” KW believes that we all work better and harder in environments we feel supported in and that’s exactly what has been created in Pasadena. The good news for you is when I work for you, the entire Keller Williams Family works for you. In the Pasadena office alone, that’s over 100 agents!


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